Tapping tomorrow

Using patented technologies and an innovative business model, NuWater is a South African company now delivering large volumes of high quality cleaned water to clients around the world.

With competition like General Electric (USA), Siemens (Germany) and Veolia (France), we were asked to relaunch NuWater to international government and industry decision-makers as a leader from day one.


Strategic approach

NuWater may not be the most established player in the water purification industry, but with four revolutionary technologies, it is the most advanced.

An innovative business model also means clients need not buy equipment, but simply pay for the water they use. So once NuWater knows a client’s requirements, they do the rest.

Our strategy, then, was to educate decision-makers on the technological superiority of NuWater, but in a way that seemed effortless – like doing business with the company itself.

We consolidated our thinking with a new global positioning line: ‘NuWater. Tap tomorrow.’



The NuWater logo icon consists of two water droplets joined together – one falling down and the other “falling” up – representing a new kind of water cycle. The droplets also create a pregnant watery “N” shape, highlighting the abundance of water now available through NuWater.

The logo always appears in a basic single cyan colour. This helps make it easy to keep the logo consistent across all applications, reduces printing costs, and means water usage in the printing process is kept to a minimum – in keeping with the company’s position on water sustainability.

Creating ‘timeless’ visual identities is very much part of our ethos, so although the NuWater logo typeface is modern and progressive, it will remain appropriate for many years.



Part of establishing NuWater as a leader in the water purification market is to position them as an authority on water generally.

The use of unusual and interesting water facts across the stationery range helps achieve this, while also positioning NuWater as an environmentally-conscious company.

The figures used on the stationery items were sourced and verified by the relevant paper mills in the United States, and all paper stocks chosen were the most environmentally-friendly, yet appropriate, alternatives available.



The water-cleaning industry is full of technical brochures. So, instead, we created a double-sided poster – one that focused on the solutions NuWater provides to its customer,s rather than dealing with science and numbers.

One side of the poster features the modular and portable nature of the NuWater product.

The other side deals with NuWater’s patented technologies, but again highlighting their benefits to the customer.

In order to suit different sales scenarios, the brochure is designed to work equally well regardless of which way the brochure is folded, so the front cover can either feature a “compact/ modular” or a “superior technology” message.



Within months of launch, NuWater beat other major suppliers in a bid to clean water for some of Anglo American's mining operations in South Africa. NuWater has also been involved in the provision of clean drinking water in Singapore.


They always went the extra mile to produce work of the highest calibre.Michael Avant-Smith
Principal NuWater Global

Principal NuWater Global

Project team locations.


Finally I can collaborate with the best talent in the world, not just the best in my office.Alex Robertson
Creative Director

Alex Robertson

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