Endless luxury

Infinity Bracelets is a luxury fashion brand often worn by celebrities, so needs to stand up against other luxury accessories.

When we became involved with the brand, the current expression felt a little too mainstream and was challenging to reproduce, especially when applied to small spaces and in digital channels.

Our brief was to revamp the Infinity brand to better compete in the luxury segment by creating an impactful icon and giving it real ‘London’ kudos and fashion style.



We defined a new and more unique infinity symbol born out of the structure of the bracelets themselves (interlocking circles). 

Introducing the line ‘Bracelets of London’ and owning #endlessluxury created a fashion house sensibility and brought a designer feel to the identity. 

The brand is available worldwide, so digital stand-out and legibility were key. With this in mind, the design team was a collaboration of graphic, digital media and print production contributors. 


Identity design

The result was a cohesive identity across packaging, print collateral, social media identity and web – a simple, beautifully crafted and elegant logo that really catches the eye. 

The new packaging has injected a feeling of luxury into the brand. According to CEO, Lorri Haines, the design and execution have provided ‘… a real sense of class’. 

Handover to the client was comprehensive, and included a mini brand guidelines document for online application. 



Since launch of the new identity, the brand's social media following has increased from 60 thousand to over 85 thousand, and has had ‘on air’ advertising exposure through reality TV shows such as Love Island. 

Our new identity has given the brand team confidence to move into joint sponsorship contracts with luxury automotive, watch and sporting celebrity brands. 


After being rather skeptical about rebranding my business, Dave convinced me to go with my heart. I can now honestly say it was the best investment I ever made.Lorri Haines
CEO, Infinity Bracelets of London

CEO, Infinity Bracelets of London

Project team locations.


The virtual experience means that I get to work with Dave, no matter where we're based. We connected across cities and created a simplistic, yet stylish luxury brand.Keelie Teasdale
Design Director

Keelie Teasdale

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