The rise of the virtual agency.

The rise of the virtual agency.

We’re currently witnessing the rise of a new type of agency, often called a virtual agency, where there’s no central office and everyone works remotely. The impetus is a better quality of life, with no commuting and working hours that are flexible and easier to fit in with your life.

And that has knock-on benefits for productivity and creativity, says Troy Wade, who launched Brown & Co in January 2017 with his partners Dave Brown and David Bicknell.

“For years we’ve been hearing from clients that they don’t feel they’re receiving the value from creative partners that they used to, or getting the same quality of solutions,” says Wade. “Then, almost every business journal you read these days has some article on productivity, and how the current model of working (aka building your life around your work) is not optimal for creativity, quality and quantity of output, or sustained human wellbeing.

“So when you put all of this together, combined with new, readily available technologies, you see an opportunity to rethink how we work that is simply better for everyone. We are passionate about the fact that creative people have the opportunity to take their lives back, and do brilliant work. We can build our work around our lives, and have brilliant lives while we do brilliant work.”

Part of a longer article “Design Agency Trends”, published on Creativebloq | 10 July 2017 | Troy Wade, Co-Founder at Brown&co

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