We’re the world’s biggest design agency. Or the world’s smallest.

Think of us as the largest multi-discipline branding agency you’ve ever worked with, that just doesn’t exist in physical space. So instead of having a snazzy studio filled with people in some swanky part of town (that you’re paying for) our studio happens to be spread out in shared workspaces and home offices all across the world.

With no full-time design employees, we have no agenda to sell you a particular solution based on available resources or expertise. Instead, we recommend what’s best for your brief and brand, then custom-build the correct team of specialists to deliver from every available discipline.

Regardless of who the project team may be, you always engage with the same strategic, creative and administrative Brown&co core, and the latest online collaboration software means we’re always there for you – and each other – even when we’re not.

Amongst other things, Brown&co offers brand strategy, online and offline identity development, integrated or isolated 2D and 3D packaging solutions, multi-sensorial brand experience creation, employee engagement programmes, naming, and concept and execution across all brand touch points.

Advantages of a virtual model

Better talent
We work with the best from anywhere in the world, not just the best in the office or city.
Better productivity
We all work the way we like to work, and the way we work best.
Better solutions
With no fixed space, we can be wherever your consumers are, or where the inspiration finds us.
Better connected
We’re geared-up to communicate and collaborate across vast geographical distances, so are always easy to reach.
Better value
We save on overheads, you save on fees.

Internal Team

Brown&Co Core
Strategy and concept

Collaborator Team

Global Experts From
Every Design Discipline

Concept and execution

What We Believe

Bettering human lives

If a brand doesn’t aim to positively impact the life of every person that engages with it, then why should anyone listen or care?

Whether it gives them a little more time in their day, helps improve the health or environment of their children, or simply gives them a one second smile, we believe in building brands in a way that compels people to want them in their lives – including the people working with them.

Using human nature

The best way to work with and affect human behaviour and attitudes is by fully understanding the psychology of what it means to be human – with all of our strengths as well as our flaws.

If you can resonate deeply with people, you are far more likely to engage them, influence and inspire them, and have a proper relationship with them. So we prefer to work with long-lasting truths than fashionable trends, and operate on an eye-to-eye level with our client partners, creative collaborators and the people that buy and use your brand. We are all people.

Control leads to compliance. Autonomy leads to engagement.Dan Pink

Who We Are

Dave Brown

Dave Brown

Co-founder & 2D Director

Dave is a creative entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in brand-building and design. In 1992, he founded Brown inc (part of the Added Value Group, an international agency focusing on FMCG marketing strategy and design). In 2001, Brown inc was acquired by WPP and merged with Enterprise IG. After six years as UK Chairman of Enterprise IG, he became Worldwide Director of FMCG when it relaunched as Brand Union (now Superunion).

David Bicknell

David Bicknell

Co-founder & 3D Director

In 1990, Bic founded Tin Horse, a structural design agency working with the likes of BP and Unilever. Looking to further integrate 2D and 3D design, Bic then joined Blue Marlin to build an innovation offer, holding relationships with Shell, Numico, Cussons and Cadburys. Next, Bic co-founded Echo, an integrated design agency with Unilever, GSK, Molson Coors and O2 as clients. At Brown&co, Bic continues to champion an integrated approach to brand-design thinking.

Troy Wade

Troy Wade

Co-founder & Strategy Director

Troy has 25 years’ experience in advertising, design, branding, innovation and academia, and has worked in agencies as Creative Director, Managing Director, Innovation Director and Strategy Director. He has lived in five countries on three continents, and in both developed and developing markets. His clients have included Volkswagen, SABMiller, IHG, Reckitt Benckiser and Pernod Ricard. Troy enjoys new challenges. Lots of them. All the time.

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